Common Types of Personal Injuries Cases in Ireland

Common Types of Personal Injuries Cases in Ireland

Recently in the media, there has been a lot written about personal injury claims. Inevitably most publications and media organisations focus on some of the larger pay-outs and more outlandish personal injury claims. Unfortunately, this can sometimes cast personal injury claims in an overly negative light. The law regarding personal injury claims was designed to protect the general public from the financial burdens of recuperating from an injury. In more minor cases, compensation can be used to cover the medical bills following an accident. Compensation is also designed to pay for the long-term care needs of an accident victim.
In contrast to the more bombastic reporting we sometimes read about, we'd like to focus on some of the more common personal injury claims that we assist our clients with daily.


Road Traffic Accident Claims


While recent annual traffic reports have thankfully demonstrated that significant and fatal road traffic accidents are on a downward trajectory, minor accidents remain common. As Cork personal injury solicitors, we often represent individuals who have been injured in road traffic accidents. A traffic accident can include collisions between two vehicles, collisions with cyclists and motorbikes and accidents involving pedestrians. Unfortunately, road traffic accidents can have profound health implications for the injured party. Road traffic accident claim compensation helps to cover the cost of rehabilitation following an accident.


Medical Negligence Claims


Medical negligence refers to a patient suffering an injury due to the actions or inaction of a medical professional. Some more common medical negligence claims can involve misdiagnosis, hospital negligence and surgical errors. An individual can seek medical negligence and compensation following an injury. Medical negligence cases are often highly complex and can take years.


Work Accident Solicitors


Accidents at work remain a common occurrence. A work accident may happen due to a fellow employee's negligence or by management's failure to provide a safe working environment. Work accidents can mean an employee will be left with large medical bills and lost earnings due to an inability to work as they recover. Personal injury compensation is designed to cover these financial strains.

If you have been involved in an accident that wasn't your fault, please call our personal injury solicitors to discuss the details of your potential claim.


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