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At Denise Kelleher & Associates Solicitors, we understand how important it is to prepare your will and ensure that your affairs are in order in the event of your death or illness which incapacitates you.

A will is a legal document that specifies a person’s last wishes as to how they want all of their possessions and property to be distributed after their death. We are here to advise you on all aspects of making your will. Our years of experience guarantees we can give complete advice on various tax and administrative aspects related to carrying out your wishes. Denise Kelleher & Associates Solicitors is here to make certain that you won’t have to worry about your estate as you age.

Our wills and probate solicitor can also help in cases of probate, even when there is a will in place. Probate is a legal process that involves getting a document called a Grant of Representation from your local Probate Office so that you are able to access and distribute your deceased loved one’s assets. In the case that there is will in place, probate is there to prove that the will is valid and can be relied on. Probate can be a confusing process to go through, which is why you can rely on the wills and probate solicitor at Denise Kelleher & Associates Solicitors to help.

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